Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Monday, November 30, 2009

DISEASES AND MEDICINES dont live with them, lifelong!

AS you progress in life, it is possible to have incompatible lifestyles that will go against BioWayHealth. This will result in getting indications, to you to change your life and they are not blockades. You should never try to live with them.FIGHT, FIND ALTERNATIVES AND GET OUT OF IT, AS SOON AS IT COMES TO YOU, OR CATHCES YOU!!
Lifelong medications are prescribed now for all health problems. These medications are not hundred percent Healthy. We cant blame the doctors or medical science. The industry and commerce is taking them and us for a ride. They flourish, we die day by day.
We accept the predicaments. The loss of faculties one after another.
The purpose of this site is to clearly give you, the patient, the alternative health ideas or tips that are available for the specific health problem, here , Diabetes.
Our advice will cover 3 angles of solutions which should be integrated into your life.
If you are person of lack of discipline, and if you dont want to make personal physical efforts, then you may not anything interesting in these pages. They will prove to be a waste of time.
For others we will prescribe what are the
1.Diets Prescribed
2.Yoga Asanas -Physical Exercises, and
3. Herbal Remedies,
4. other alternative therapies, etc s to be carefully taken up after weighing experience of others.
There is a lot of confusion since the arrival of man on the earth with regard to his food, medicine, and lifestyle. There are quacks in all kinds of medicine in the world. There are good people also in all walks of life. We get easily confused.
This site is opened to give specific solutions to specific problems of health, with your participation of course.
We like all ways of curing including allopathy.
We will come back very soon with our solutions for diabetes, cardiac problems, DM, Harmonal Imbalances, etc
D Parameswaran
Project Director